Thursday, May 23, 2013

This site is dedicated to raising awareness of the fascistic potential of the social media. We have seen some very troubling developments lately and something needs to be done to remind ourselves to be responsible human beings with individual opinions who can tolerate others exerting the same freedom.

We cannot do this alone. Instead, we created this as a platform where all of you can have a voice. If you have a contribution to make, post it in the comments section or send an email to our name in the URL @
We will review and publish your article as long as we think it serves the cause.

Articles on the following subjects are very welcome:

  • Definitions of fascism
  • History of fascism

  • Pluralism
  • Tolerance

  • Democracy as opposed to fascism
  • Current events where the social media were used in a fascistic way, e.g. examples of social media lynch mob actions

There will be no payment for articles at this point, but you may post a backlink to your website at the end of it.


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